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What is Speculative Fiction? It’s a literary genre that includes fantasy and science fiction as sub-genres. Each of these genres has sub-genres as well. Horror and occult fiction fit the fantasy genre while alternate history and space opera are science fiction.

Fantasy fiction is work that deals with the unreal, with subjects that only exist in the imagination, with magic and the supernatural, with gods and demons, with fairies and unicorns. I could go on and on but that should be enough for you to get the picture. Fantasy has been around since people started telling stories, but from the Victorian era until recently much of fantasy was relegated to the nursery and thought to be suitable only for children.

Science fiction is work that deals with the possibilities of life as enhanced or worsened by the possible future discoveries or inventions of the scientific world. Originally it may have been thought of as part of the fantasy genre, but it has come to be a major genre in its own right. It is much more recent than fantasy and was looked at with disdain for much of the early twentieth century and thought to be read only by adolescent boys with a yen for adventure.

Today, both these sub-genres of Speculative Fiction have gained respectability and are popular among readers of both sexes and all ages. My blog will discuss many of the various sub-genres of both fantasy and science fiction, explore many stories and books and authors, and even talk about the fans and conventions that prove the popularity of these genres in today’s world.

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