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I used to finish every book once I started it whether I liked it or not. Then, I realized what a waste of time that was when there were so many other books out there waiting to be read. Now I’ll pick up a book that looks interesting or whose author has been recommended and at least give it a try. After 50 pages or so, if it hasn’t caught my interest, I’ll just find something else to read.

The most recent book in my unfinished category is Pandora’s Star by Peter F. Hamilton. A Publishers Weekly review said, “Anyone who begins this one…probably won’t be able to put it down.” Wrong!

Pandora's Star by Peter F. HamiltonThis book starts out with the first Mars landing as a prologue and devolves into a complex series of events that seem unrelated to each other. The uninteresting, cardboard characters completely fail capture the interest of the reader. Never once did I care “what happens next.” Besides these shortcomings, the book is full of old tech and convolutions like spies and terrorists that don’t seem to add anything to the plot. Very little new here.

Maybe someone out there can give me a reason to try again or to give Mr. Hamilton another chance with a different book of his. I’m willing to try if I think I’ll discover something.

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