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Janet Asimov (with assistance from her husband, Isaac) wrote a set of delightful novellas about a silly (but loveable and useful) robot named Norby and his human friend and companion, Jeff, a cadet in The Space Academy. They’re perfect for young SF readers and equally entertaining for readers of all ages.

The Norby Chronicles by Janet and Isaac AsimovUnlike the robots created by Isaac alone, Norby is part human robot and part alien robot. Because of this, he doesn’t have to obey the famous three laws of robotics that constrain all human-built robots in the older Isaac Asimov stories. Norby also has some other traits that are uncommon in the other Asimov creations – he’s very emotional and competitive; he forgets things that he should remember; and he is able to do things like travel in time and in hyperspace without knowing how he does it.

Even though Norby may remind you of a certain robot from Star Wars, these books are original and funny. The plots don’t mean much but the silliness is appealing.Norby Through Time and Space by Janet and Isaac Asimov

There are eleven books in the series. All of them are fun and should keep you and your kids entertained for quite some time.

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