Here’s a big, warm welcome and hello from me, Electricka, Muse of the World Wide Web, and from my modern-day muse cohorts, the muse’s of Film, Fine Arts, Language Arts, Literature, Music, and Mythology.

Together we symbolize light and learning about the arts in the Communications Age—the age of electricity, electronics, and the Internet. We celebrate and represent the reawakening of the spirit of the ancient muses and the birth of the modern-day arts in the age of electricity and electronics.

We created this blog for you. Consider this your special place for exploring the arts, one dedicated to people who pursue and are pursued by the muses. You may find it to be a site for and about the arts that’s different from any other you’ve been to.

At Electricka’s blog we invite you to sit back and relax. Use your time here to pursue the aspirations and inspirations we represent. Share our riches, inspirations, and joys.

More good news. There’s far more to explore than just the pages you are now visiting.

Explore the nature and history of blogs; learn where the word blog comes from and lots more. Find out about the special role blogs play at Electricka’s web site.

  • Learn all about us; see our web site and the other arts resources we have to offer.
Electricka at Exploring the Arts Foundation
Speculative Fiction—Our blog about fantasy, science fiction, and
speculative fiction
The Big Bands—Our blog about the big bands of the ‘30s and ‘40s (Coming)
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Happy Blogging!

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