Finding More Of What You Want To See

It’s a sad statistic: more than half the people who reach Electricka from a search engine don’t find what they came for. Electricka has what many of them want to see, but they don’t find it after they arrive. This happens even though most of Electricka’s answers are right on the money judging by the key words.

About half of the visitors who go away empty handed would find what they came for if only they’d search further. Many of them land on the wrong page; they’d find the right one if only they’d use Electricka’s menus or Electricka’s key word search engine.

We can only guess at how many people miss answers to their questions because they don’t know what to ask web search engines. But most web search engines know what Electricka’s all about or they wouldn’t supply Electricka’s address to click on after visitors give them the right key words.

The best way to improve your chances to find what you want to know at Electricka’s site is to assume that search engines who offer you links to Electricka know what they’re doing. If you don’t land on the right page after you arrive at Electricka’s web site, look around. Use menus or use Electricka’s Search Tool.

Electricka’s search tool is powerful and easy to use. Because it’s tuned to Electricka, it gives you ways to find things that other search tools don’t.

The search tool is easy to find once you arrive at Electricka’s site; there’s a link to it on almost every Electricka page.

Good Searching! Good finding!

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Movies About The Arts

I’d really like to see them make more dramatic movies with settings based on the arts. I’m not talking about movies about the arts, like films about Picasso’s life or about how to sculpt a vase. I’m talking about movies like the Black Swan, which was up for an Oscar at the 2010 Academy Award TV show.

Black Swan tells the story of two ballet dancers competing to dance the dual lead role of the innocent and delicate White Swan (Princess Odette) and of the sensual Black Swan (Lily) in Tchaikovsky’s Swan Lake ballet.

In the plot, one of the two dancers (Nina) is perfectly suited in real life to play the role of the White Swan while the other (Lily) is perfectly suited in real life to play the role of the Black Swan. The movie is a psychological study of the conflict between the two characters , who are competing for the part, and of how the real life Nina slowly loses her mind as she becomes more and more like Odile.

Natalie Portman (Nina) won the Academy Award for Best Actress for the film and Darren Aronofsky, the director,  was nominated for Best Director. In addition, the film itself received a nomination for Best Picture.

My point here is that the movie is about ballet dancers and a ballet by Tchaikovsky. It’s set in the precinct of a prestigious New York City ballet company. It’s about the lives and careers of characters who could be real ballet dancers. These aspects of the film make it a perfect vehicle, a venue by which to learn about and enjoy the arts while exploring human nature in an entertaining and illuminating manner.

I say let’s have more of this kind of movie. We have far too many reruns of Schwarzenegger and Stallone films on TV, and they’re all right in their place. But what about more films about the arts; and what about more reruns of the good movies with arts-oriented settings?

By the way, you can publish your personal preferences about arts films you’d like to see or arts films you have seen and like at Electricka’s feature called Tops & Flops In The Arts.

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Here’s a big, warm welcome and hello from me, Electricka, Muse of the World Wide Web, and from my modern-day muse cohorts, the muses of Film, Fine Arts, Language Arts, Literature, Music, and Mythology.

Together we symbolize light and learning about the arts in the Communications Age—the age of electricity, electronics, and the Internet. We celebrate and represent the reawakening of the spirit of the ancient muses and the birth of the modern-day arts in the age of electricity and electronics.

We created this blog for you. Consider this your special place for exploring the arts, one dedicated to people who pursue and are pursued by the muses. You may find it to be a site for and about the arts that’s different from any other you’ve been to.

At Electricka’s blog we invite you to sit back and relax. Use your time here to pursue the aspirations and inspirations we represent while we present news and information about the arts, overviews and reviews of Electricka’s web site and blogs, topics of interest, and places to go and things to do and see to expand your horizons. We’ll share our riches, inspirations, and joys.

More good news. There’s far more to explore than just the pages you are now visiting.

Learn all about us; see our web site and the other arts resources we have to offer.

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