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Ever wonder if it’s possible to get personally involved in what’s going on at my web site? It’s easy.

Here are two things you can do right away to join in: send in an Arts Information Feature or a Byline that I and my muses can publish.

Here’s a different one that’s popular with visitors. Submit your original essay for The Muse Of Language Arts to publish.

Or you can send me your idea for a name I can give to one of my cohort muses—you could win an award for that—or make a donation to help keep my web site going.

Altogether there are eleven different things you can do to actively participate. Here’s how to discover what they are:

First click Join Us on the menu at the top of most of Electricka’s pages.

Then click the first item on the list that drops down, the one called Join Us at the Help the Arts Overview. You’ll visit a page containing an overview of all eleven ways you can take part in the festivities.

Or click the name of any one of the other features on the list and you’ll visit a page that tells you what to do to take part in that feature.

Have fun and profit. Enjoy!


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