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haasThat’s Dr. Karl Haas on the left.

In case you don’t already know who he is, Dr. Karl Haas was a distinguished classical music performer and presenter, interpreter, and explainer who for decades originated a widely-syndicated and highly successful radio program on the subject of classical music.

Why Karl Haas Was (and is) Important

Why is Dr. Haas important? Because of who he was, what he gave us, and what he is still giving us.

He was known to classical music lovers everywhere as one of the finest, most rewarding, most jovial and good natured presences on radio. For decades, his internationally syndicated radio show called Adventures in Good Music contributed immeasurable joy to the lives of tens of thousands of his followers, uplifting their spirits and fostering their intellectual and aesthetic growth.

With words of explanation and musical examples that followed, he led his listeners step-by-step on a journey of understanding. He showed them how to recognize the sources of his (and our) musical pleasure and to value them. He transported them to another world, a place that had the power to drive away the ordinary concerns and cares of the day.

Karl Haas was a musicologist and scholar of high order, yet his hour-long network radio show appealed to listeners at all levels of musical maturity and experience. Each show focused on a particular subject, some aspect of music worth knowing about, often an aspect no other classical music broadcaster had thought to explore from quite the same point of view. If you weren’t fascinated by his subject before he covered it, chances were you were fascinated afterward.

Dr. Haas is sorely missed by those who had the good fortune to hear him. His dedicated followers will long remember him. Too bad everyone else couldn’t have had the same opportunity to hear his broadcasts. Too bad everyone alive today can’t have this opportunity.

About His show—Adventures in Good Music

Year after year he generated an amazing number of shows—one for almost every weekday—without the least sacrifice of quality. He made it seem easy. The quality of his work never waned. Each show was packed with information, but the facts didn’t seem to intrude on the experience. His show was a perfect blend of left-brain cerebral articulation and right-brain aesthetics and emotionality. What you learned never seemed tedious or boring, and learning it never seemed a chore.

Karl Haas’s radio broadcasts are still being broadcast decades after his passing. WCLV, his syndicating radio station, maintains an archive of them and continues to distribute them to local classical radio stations around the globe and over the Internet. Radio station WUFT in Gainesville, Florida, USA, streams rebroadcasts of Karl Haas’s show over the Internet.

The Problem With Dr. Haas’s Show Today

So far, everything sounds great. So what’s the problem?

Everyone can’t hear them today.

The radio and Internet sources that rebroadcast Adventures in Good Music programs today only play them on a restricted daily or weekly schedule. And these radio stations are outside the listening range of tens of millions of people in the U.S. and hundreds of millions of people around the world. There’s no single source where anyone can go to hear most, all, or any particular one of Dr. Haas’s shows in the U.S. or around the world at virtually any desired time or place.

There must be many people like us who would like to be able to pick and choose the Haas program they want to hear, whether it’s one of his seasonal shows, one of his shows about a composer or a piece of music, or one about a topic that fits a personal need, a mood, or an emotion; but they can’t.

What You Can Do

I know that these deficiencies bother some of the visitors to Electricka’s web site because they’ve told me so. And they must bother many other people, whether they’re visitors to Electrica’s web site or whether they’re past or current Haas listeners who never even heard of Electricka. They certainly bother me, and I believe that they would bother lots of others who never had the chance to hear the show if only they had a way to discover that it exists and to sample it.

If you’re one of these people—if you can’t access Adventures now whenever and wherever you want to—if you would like to hear, enjoy, and profit from the legacy of Karl Haas—if you would like to explore Adventures in Good Music and discover whether it’s right for you—then there’s an easy way to rectify this problem, to try to make something good happen for yourself and for others.

Find Out What You Can Do About This Problem

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