Yogi Berra the Malaprop Man

Electricka and her Muses are thinking about adding a feature about Yogi Berra to her web site.

If by chance you’re one of the few who don’t know who he is, we’ll tell you. Berra is widely regarded as one of the greatest catchers in baseball history and one of the all-time top major-league non-pitching hitters. He played and managed for the great New York Yankees for 19 years. And if that weren’t enough, he’s an all-around nice guy.

Here’s what Yogi looks like:

(Photo source: Academy of Achievement)

But baseball isn’t his only talent. He has the in-born abilty to  fracture the English language by generating malapropisms of the first rank. His does this naturally, without trying; they come second nature to him.

Some examples:

  • It ain’t over till it’s over.
  • 90% of the game is half mental.
  • Nobody goes there anymore. It’s too crowded.
  • When you come to a fork in the road, take it.
  • Thank you for making this day necessary.
  • It’s déjà vu all over again.
  • I really didn’t say everything I said.
  • You can observe a lot by watching.”
  • Always go to other people’s funerals, otherwise they won’t go to yours.

If Electricka adds this feature to her web site, each day I will publish one of his off-the-wall sayings as a periodic feature you can visit and chuckle over.

Electricka’s periodic features are a particular type of feature she publishes every day or every week. They’re periodic because they recur. If you miss the first one in the series, it eventually will show up again and you can see it later.

You can get an idea of what periodic features are like by visitng some of them. Electricka suggests that you start with the daily feature called Arts Personality Of The Day and click the names of other period features you find there to see more: click here.  

Unless enough people respond to my offer, Yogi’s malapropisms won’t be published at Electricka’s web site; so be sure to let me hear from you. If interested, comment on this post or send email to me at AskTheMuses@Electricka.com. Or take this poll:

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Find out more about Yogi at Wikipedia.


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