The Name that Muse Lament

Name That Muse is one of the features at Electricka’s web site. It’s a feature aimed at giving names to Electricka’s modern-day muses.

Why name Electricka’s muses? Calling them by their formal titles sounds a bit strange and distant. A greeting like Hey, Muse Of Fine Arts, how ‘ya doin’ doesn’t quite get the message across that The Muse Of Fine Arts is real, down-home folks.

Names for the ancient Greek muses go a long way in the right direction: Clio (Proclaimer) and Calliope (She of the Beautiful Voice) and Erato (Lovely). Doesn’t a name like Erato, the ancient Muse of love poetry, ring a bell? It oozes within erotic symbolism. Would we had names like these for Electricka’s cohorts.

Why bother about names? Names are important. Remember when Jim Croce sang I Got A Name? Adam named all the animals so he could tell them apart and so they’d come when called. Writers anguish over the names of their characters until their names say what they mean. Public figures and movie stars change their names to reflect their persona.

By inviting visitors to help her come up with names, Electricka hoped she would find the best names for her muses, names that would give each of them a unique personality, a face—a voice of its own, as the expression goes—so that visitors would get to know and care about each cohort muse as though he or she were a friend, ally, and guide—a real person. Names like those of the ancient muses for her modern muses would have a lasting impact on her web site.

But alas, it’s been a long, long time since Electricka put out the call for suggestions, and few visitors have come forth with ideas.

Wouldn’t you like to change all that?

You can, you know. Just visit Name That Muse to find out how.

Bon voyage.

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