Hard is Hard…to Define

Did you ever try to define hard, medium, and easy? If not, you may be surprised at how hard it is.

It’s hard to define what hard, medium and easy mean. It’s even harder to decide whether something is hard, medium, or easy.

I tried to do all this for Electricka’s puzzles and quizzes and failed miserably.

I went to the dictionary for help. According to the dictionary, hard means difficult to deal with, manage, control, overcome, or understand. Easy means not hard or difficult; requiring no great labor or effort. Medium means about halfway between extremes.

A lot of help that was. That just put off defining hard, medium, and easy by substituting the word difficult for the word hard.

Try using the dictionary to define the word difficult and you’ll find the meaning of the word hard. That’s what they call a circular definition.

Then, even though I didn’t have a definition,  I took a swipe at each puzzle and quiz and tried to decide whether hard, medium, or easy seemed to describe it best. No go.

My problem was two-fold. First I had to decide what hard, medium, and easy mean when it comes to a quiz or a puzzle. Different kinds of quizzes and puzzles call for different talents on the part of the solver; so hard, medium, and easy mean something different depending on things like what kind of quiz or puzzle it is and who solves it.

Then I had to decide which definition of hard, medium, or easy best fit each puzzle or quiz. I had some luck deciding if a particular puzzle or quiz was hard, medium, or easy but I couldn’t explain why I thought it was what it was; and my decision had little to do with the definitions.

Then I figured out what to do to solve my problem. I gave up trying to define difficulty or to explain why I labeled each puzzle according to how hard or easy it was. I just did.

  • You can see what I mean about puzzles by visiting the page at Electricka’s web site called Welcome to Arts Puzzles
  • You can see what I mean about quizzes by visiting the page at Electricka’s web site called Welcome to Arts Quizzes

When you get to the page you want to see you can play a few puzzles or quizzes by clicking Click Here in the Play Now box near the top of the page. When you do, a list of puzzles or quizzes will open in your browser and you’ll see how I labeled their difficulty. Open them to play.

Happy gaming!

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